19 March, 2008

St. Pats and the ensuing aftermath

Alright Cleveland you broke me. It's still snowing. And I'm still drinking. Two worse things for my riding can scarcely be found. Amongst my friends, St. Patricks day is a national holiday, one discussed with greater jubilation and anticipation than say, Veteran's Day. Among our little foursome we have a great talent, sorry CD, we aren't discussing your dancing. We have a chef, a chef owner to be more precise, who spent two days in advance preparing our morning feast. This is, at my best measure, exactly 48 hours more than I spend preparing for Columbus Day.

By 9:00 am I was eating enough corned meat to give the Jarvis artificial heart a run for its deep pocketed pharmaceutical money. Thank god someone spoke up and reminded us that alcohol thins your blood. It was only 9:15 and somehow this logic was already bypassing security. We all started slow, a little coffee and Baileys, delivered in the new convenient stash in your purse size. Nothing says alcohol problem like purchasing single servings of coffee additive all wrapped up in five packs (one for everyday of the week). Nothing, that is, except ordering Guiness in teams of ten in the ante meridian. This was to set the bar for the rest of the day, most of which is not suitable for disclosure here. Edison's Pub provided the only two wheeled entertainment (the only thing it excels at anymore), and I was eventually ushered out of a bar at 2:30 am.Tuesday, survivors day, meant Steffens was in town, enjoying an underage breastless spring break in C-town. The Spin crew, roadies in tow, hit Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park for a little comradery, competition and crashing, actually performed in that order. The Spin rendition of The Most Dangerous Game involves a healthy crew of 12 of us racing 5 laps on a course that rarely gets more than 30" wide. The first attempt ended halfway through lap 1 as a multi sporter stacked it over a ladder bridge, Turbo and Boost nearly rode over him, and I still tried to pass on the outside, bouncing off the railing and nearly added to the mess. The second trial actually went five laps and only sured up the idea that I'm a little out of shape still. A little post comp shenanigans saw Chip get bored and ride the Teeter's backwards.

The only impressive thing I accomplished was another injury free outing of concrete laced fun and once over a high skinny that scared me enough that I don't need to do it again until I find those flat pedals in the basement somewhere. Cheers.


Andy said...

Just for the record, if Jackson hadn't run me in to the wall that never would have happened.

Jut Rut said...

What up Rob. My email got kicked back so I thought I would post up here. I am doing an open house on sunday but there will be others up for a ride I am sure. I may have a lady friend coming into town from Nashville on Sunday night who is looking for a really good time but I think Pisgah Works Bruce from Ohio may be able to put you up on Sunday. I know he has an extra room as his place. If my friend is in town I will be getting a different kind of workout in on Monday and the weather may be crappy here anyways. I am good after monday for anything and everything. I will keep you posted on my Nashville connection coming to town. If plans change the couch is yours and the ride is on for Monday.