10 March, 2008

Snow Globe Week of Fun

Our nationally recognized snow storm trapped me inside the latter half of the week. We have about 2 feet of snow, plus lots of drifting white stuff laying around the yard now. Also, the City of Cleveland refuses to recognize Slavic Village as a viable part of her domain, and thus didn't plow my street until after I shoveled the driveway. Excellent. The Subaru would be spending a very dangerous night on the streets, all belongings removed.
Riding has been limited. A few hours on the trainer. I wanted a little downtime for sanity's sake anyway. As is typical, trained and rode a good bit through the early season, all in prep for Snake Creek. That went well, but last season I also peaked in February, and didn't have a worth while result after that. This year I'm trying very hard to monitor my psyche. Don't feel like riding, won't ride. I'll play in the snow instead. I could go cross country skiing, snowshowing, or let a tow rope haul my ass up a hill to go tubing.
Greg, Christie and Annie have this technique down, showing near mastery of towrope skills. So much fun was had that the camera didn't come out a whole lot, so this is it. The entire visual archive for this particular Sunday Funday. Somehow a post tubing pizza parlour meet up quickly turned into dinner at Lolita, making a third visit this week. Sunday Funday would end a week filled with insidious acts, and possibly a little too much fun.

My psyche now fully in check, I've thrown my hat in one more ring for the season, Dirt Sweat and Gears. Why does a week like this prompt one to sign up in the pro category of a 12 hour endurance race? Maybe its a balance. 120 hours of lethargy should help 12 hours of anaerobic output, right? Well it certainly helps the desire to spend 12 hours in the saddle. That and a healthy cash purse. Only 5 guys raced pro SS last year, 3 of them got paid. Wouldn't mind being part of the triumvirate this year. Just under two months away, I'm making this race a goal for the season, then a little downtime, some hundies, and then pick back up for BC in July. We'll see how it goes.

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greg said...

i was sitting at my desk this morning and thinking...i wish there was a picture of me on the web in which i appear to trapped awkwardly on my back in an innertube while being pulled up a snowy hill by a rusty cable. oh my god, it came true! tomorrow, i'm going to wish for a pony. seriously, though, thanks for a fun day, rob. see you soon.