23 March, 2008

Southern Escape Day 0

By mid week the flurry of sticky notes I use to keep my self on track had dwindled to zero. I had nothing to do in Cleveland, was still not really working, and the weather was worsening. I through out some couch requests to the southern boys, and JutRut sent me to Pisgah Works Bruce, who I now know actually set up an alias with the county, so we can all just call him Pisgah Works. Woke up early Saturday morning and packed the car, trudging through the newly fallen six inches of snow. The first two hours of the driving were either snow covered, or there were trees with standing water reaching up to their branches. Ohio was a good place to be leaving, and Asheville was a good place to be going to. Nine hours later I found the Pisgah Works bike house, shook hands with my host, and immediately had a piece of pizza in my hand, a futon to sleep on and a virtual bike shop in which to hang the Dierenger. Within fifteen minutes, we were saddled up for a tour to town, followed by a few pints of IPA at the bar, a few more at JutRut's Crow's Nest cottage, and then a brisk ride to Jack in the Wood to check out a bluegrass band. Where, somewhere after the third set, the lights came on and it was apparently time to go. A great first day. I'll pay for it tommorrow.

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