05 March, 2008

Weather Tease

What happened? On our drive home from Georgia, Sunday, it was still 48* when we pulled into Chip's house at midnite. Monday started sunny and slowly crept up to 72 degrees. I gathered a couple Tremont residents and walked across the park for lunch wearing only a T-shirt. I finally got to explain to my ex-Phoenix tenant that "these are the days that make living in Ohio worth it, the first day that it doesn't suck. You don't get to experience that in a place like Phoenix, huh?"

Fast forward to Tuesday. The sun goes back to it eternal hiding place, rain sweeps in, and the temperature drops below freezing, but it continues to rain. This is the devil's weather folks. It operates outside of all known laws of physics and thermodynamics. There was nothing visible in the sky (rain in clear) but the ground was slowly "accumulating" frozen drops of rain. My car was encased in glass.Wednesday morning. "Oh Goodie!" I exclaim as I unzip from my sleeping bag (apartment currently being heated by a method known as conduction; wait for heat from downstairs apartment to rise weak willed to my own space) and run to the window to find this. A few inches of snow have fallen creating a substance reminiscent of whipcream covering your deliciously fried ice cream. Boy I miss Chi-Chi's, shame about all that bad spinach. I guess this is as good as week as any for a little rest. Maybe pull out the *shutter* trainer and watch a movie or two. Its going to be hard to keep up with Dickey's quasi-massive 30 mile output though, maybe I should just sell my Cohutta spot. The rest of the country just wait....you wait until Ohio lets it's racers actually ride outside on dry pavement, free of salt and windchill, because only then will you fully understand the wrath that awaits you.

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