19 May, 2010

12 hours of Racing, 36 in Mexico

Sorry. Its already in the past. I raced the 2010 running of Dirt Sweat and Gears a few days ago, but since then have been in another country, and customs stole my will to live, but luckily not my Tequilla.

As always a great event, a few less friends hanging about, but plenty of new ones joining the crowd. There's a startling if not predictable trend among "pros" this year; get a job, decide not competitive enough anymore, don't travel to races. Hey guys, and I love you, but what about the rest of us that have been working the whole time? We drove 10 hours to drink and ride bikes in competitive style. You will be missed, but in your absence, I made a podium, so cheers!

Quick (I don't have pictures and you don't have an attention span) synopsis of the race.

It was run backwards this year, which changed things up a bit.

It only rained in lap two this year, which changed things up a bit.

It got a little bit muddy on part of the course, so they changed things up a bit.

The modified course no longer went by my pit, so that pissed me off a bit.

The previous point got in my head a bit, so I went back to my pit, in 4th, and almost quit.

Pulled out the little tool box and, changed things up a bit.

Returned to the course in a spinnier gear, and turned things on a bit.

Obtained 3rd place somewhere in lap 6, and held on bit.

Crossed the finish line in 3rd, and gained the podium, by just a bit.

Nine minutes to be exact. Felt pretty good about digging deep, and returning to the course after a muddy and depressing 3rd lap. I got my head back into a good space, forcing down two bottles per lap, and two Accel gels. Have you ever tried to drink two Heed/Sustained bottles, and squeeze down two Accel gels in 53 minutes? Its not easy, and its even harder 9 hours into a race.

So podium. Yeah! Really, there were only like 5 or 6 people in the class, and I got third, but the 3rd to 4th race was tight. I spent the first 2/3 of the race in 4th place, and after they shortened the course, I had to go WAY off course to go visit my pit, a mental and mileage fuck. So even though I only bettered a few people on this day, I feel better about it than the statistics show. Which is the opposite of finishing 6th in the NUE series two years ago.

Then, after awaking at 6 am on Sunday, barely able to walk and my ass sticking to the inside of my shorts, I got to board a plane and go to Mexico City, where a kindly old woman next to me, speaking to me in the kind of broken english you only hear in movies said, "See those clouds, they're not for raining." Smog. But in the city it wasn't so bad. And it made me smile on the inside to spend $1349.00 on one of the top 5 meals I've had in my life. That's Pesos folks, so don't come asking me for a loan. If you go to Mexico City, you must check out Izote. Book early, or get lucky like me, there are only 14 tables.

I trusted Dejay to my house while I was in Mexico, and I got back to my little bungalow looking a whole lot like Mexico. Let the riding begin.


dougyfresh said...

I've been wondering what you've been up to. Good Job out there!

We need to catch up. Perhaps out in CO in august?

Its weird. The bicycle industry is selling bikes faster than they can be built this year yet attendance is down at venues? Look at Niner and Gary Fisher. Is attendance really down?

Ohio Robb said...

I think attendance is down. I think my grumblings about race promotion aren't that novel. Whether people are vocally upset about it or not, it costs a lot of money to race, and for the top end people, there's no real incentive to do it (DSG is one exception..there are others), and then it trickles down to the pack, and then unfortunately it trickles down to people getting into the sport that want a fun place to be a little competitive. Maybe CO...work changed up a bit, we'll see how the schedule falls.

cornfed said...

In fairness, the DSG promoters set up the solo pits before the start finish/line. You all opted to pit where you pitted. Not forced.

Tell me that you really wanted to hike the peanut butter loop all day? The short course was awesome and added a new heated dynamic to the race (or so I felt).

Still though, I enjoyed having you around on the laps.

I agree about the jobs. Get real folks.

ExtrmTao said...

Yo, That dog is totally eyeing your podium spot!!

Ohio Robb said...

Thad, i'm fine with the pit situation...it just got in my head a bit. Clay and Grant offered to help move stuff, which i declined, and just went down and got it myself before my last three laps. wasn't blaming...just telling the story.

Chris said...

Good work buddy!

Hope to see ya in Denver come August.