17 June, 2009


Just a little Marshall and back with Fuzzy today. He had a mission to go past Marshall and climb up to 25/70 where the aptly named Beard Hill is.Not to be left out of the mix, I found this.
AND I can't help but think the founder's of American Apparel have seen this sign before. Its the EXACT font they use on all their stores. American Motors ---> American Apparel. I can see the logic.Off to get a delicious 12 Bones recovery meal. This is a very exciting blog.


dicky said...

Please, please give us more!!!

Ohio Robb said...

you're the dummy who stops by regardless of content, either meaningful or period. See you this weekend, i'd call and ask you for gear recommendations, but you love to beat people based on local knowledge vs. fitness or bike handling, so i'll save my dime.