19 June, 2009

Neverending Mapwork

We had a legitimate tornado here last night. My back doors flew open and my house sprung leaks. Power was in and out throughout the whole ordeal, and Atreyu couldn't get out of the swamp of sadness. The Nothing swept thru west Asheville and cancelled all Bluegrass shows west of Louisiana Rd. When Mike's Sidepocket didn't fill the void, I returned home and hit the maps for my little self supported adventure.
I lacked a blanket to hide under and old timey looking candles, but it felt as adventurous. Thank goodness for Google Maps. You can simply type the word "food" near any intersection, get a list of somewhat reliable results, and then make awkward calls to the given phone numbers:

Me: Hello, are you still at 313 Cherry Top Rd?

Shop Owner: Yeaaahhsss Suh.

Me: Google tells me you serve "food" is that correct?

Shop Owner: Who says we got food?

Me: The computer. See, i'm planning a really long bike ride and need places to resupply and maybe get a bite to eat.

Shop Owner: Uhhh...yep. We got food.

Me: What are your feelings on spandex?

And so it goes. The joys of planning a never before completed self supported mountain bike ride. I've called countless "supply", "general", "corner", "mountain", and "trading" establishments trying to figure out if calories are going to be easy to come by or not. I dare say riding may be the easiest part of this whole ordeal.

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