04 December, 2008

Training has started

Rest assured that a lack of blogging does not equal a lack of riding. After my 2 weeks of work, peppered with a little riding in CT, I was happy to be back home pedaling here in Asheville. But then the Holidays came. But those too were not without a bit of riding. We had a lovely first 20 miles of the Mohican State Forest...followed by 4 miles of downpour in 34 degree weather. Back to Asheville, and 2 straight days of riding. Even did a little football style two-a-day today.

Nope. The reason there hasn't been any blogging is because there aren't any pictures to be had. I lost my camera somewhere on a long dog hike around the south face of Looking Glass. Who knows. Its bright orange, but there was group of military Jugheads making a mess of fixed rope set up and ascending while being "trained." My guess is that my camera is now property of the USMC. I had taken a really great picture of a snake with my macro lense on the way up. No snake. No camera.

I know no one really likes to read endless paragraphs of blog without a little visual stimulation, and I don't need to write simply to remember what I rode, there's other mediums for that.

Thirty days and counting before the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial. I'm worried that January will be my best shot at it. After that first running, I'll be on a raft for 18 days followed by 7 days of work, flying home just in time for Snake Creek February. Good luck with that. And then after not working for the entire month of January, I plan on earning some income during the month of February, which means a lot of riding excersise bikes in business class hotels. Good luck with that. Two years ago I peaked in February. Last year it was March. This year it may have to be January. Then I'll put the intervals away for a few month and just do some long rides. I don't use the top end as much for the 100 milers as I do for a 34 mile race.

There's a lot floating around for next season. A couple big events I'd like to pull off. Trying to improve on my NUE standing from last year. Accumulating sponsors for next year in lieu of the team i've left behind. But let's stop there for a bit so I can thank Spin Bike Shop for all their support during last season. If I hadn't moved, or now feel that I really don't do them a whole lot of good racing down here, I'd happily don their colors for another year. Greg, Brian, and Ray (and whoever else has achieved "ownership" status) run a great shop for racers, riders and the community alike. Each year it seems the team steps up, and Spin is more and more visible in the communities they have shops in, throwing races and hosting an ever growing series of club rides. Its the slow season now, and if you, your kid, or your wife/husband need a two wheeled present to put under the tree, go talk to one of the guys or gals at Spin and help support a local shop that will always support you.

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