08 December, 2008


Can't wait till this thing comes in the mail. I had a professor in college who said I only participated in sports so that I could by stuff. I was big wall climbing during that period of my life. I can't think of a sport that exists that requires more gear. And as I was nomadic through college, all my stuff shipped to my professor's lab. Christmas was almost weekly in the lab, opening boxes of tri-cams, biners, hooks, webbing, haul bags, pulleys, ropes, a fly for my ledge, wild country micro cams....all kinds of space aged shit.

And none of it beats a giant yellow Dry Suit. With a zipper to pee out of.

The rafting trip is less than a month a way, and I'm probably a little late on the logistics planning. I'm comfortable tied in, or in the saddle. No matter how adventurous those trips get, I can throw the gear together during a cup of coffee. Its either the extensive knowledge I've built around both sports, or the fact that most of it is in one of 3 rubbermaid boxes in the basement, but it all just comes together.

Rafting is another story all together. Rafting in January in the sunless angles of the Grand Canyon is an even longer unknown story. Everything else I do is minimilast and lite. Ti stove, alpine pack, Single Speed bike, what's fits in my Ergon pack... The logistics company supporting us states that one group dedicated an entire boat to bringing 40 cases of beer along. I hope its true what they say about the internet; everything up there is accurate right? I'm gleaning what I can during hours of internet time at work, trading between bike blogs, design sites, and river trip reports. All I know is that for 16 days, that yellow moonsuit is going to keep the rest of my under rafting educated ass dry.

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