26 September, 2008

Hope deferred

What the heck eh? No post for some time, and this is all you get. Well, when you own two homes that are currently worth less than you owe, you are employed nominally by one of Wall Street's most historic failures, and you are moving to a town that lack's an economy of it's own (outside of the obvious trustfundery), you get to be interested in politics. Even if you know its still all a two party puppet show.

Once this move is behind me, i'll get back to the all important outdoors, a place that centers me once again, removes the above burdens, and provides better photo ops paired effortlessly with witty prose. Promise.

And...because its been on my mind, and long over due.


if you stop by here from time to time, read, skim, or look at pictures, why not take some time to comment. One of, if not THE, goal of this whole thing was to find a community of like-minded people; thus serving as a never ending network of couches on which to flop in exhange for a six pack shared over tales of life's ups and downs. So no more voyeurism. You end up here, you comment, or I hunt you down. Promise. Looks like i'll have the time.


Sher said...

I've got nothing better to do with my current one armed lifestyle... so heres your friggin' comment. happy? Hope the move is going well... get out of Clevo as fast as you can. It'll be one of the best things you do for yourself - I PROMISE!

Investment Biker said...

I'll leave a comment: Rob and Sher, PLEASE take it easy on the hateful comments about Cleveland. Later, Brett

greg said...

it was great to see you on friday, brother. i must admit, though, that i'm only posting because i've been threatened. ha! keep in touch.

Sher said...

Brett, not hateful, no harm intended as I lived in Cleveland 24 of my 31 years. The guys been trying to get out of there since I first met him - he's finally making it a reality.

beth said...

here it is! see ya at Double Dare.. the time for Pisgah has come.