17 September, 2008

Find a ride....

I'm going to add a race to my schedule on short notice, the Tree Shaker 12 hour on Oct 4th over yonder in Charlotte, NC. Problem is, driving there alone seems dumb. Anyone want to carpool/hitchhike/support me for 12 hours? This'll be the first race in the Southeast that I don't have to drive 10 hours to get to, but still, if the citizens of 1942 could try, shouldn't we? That and being in Cleveland, america's least bike friendly city, has me feeling a little car'd out. Having the added rider also means I'll have someone to hand me pretzel sticks after the 4th lap, if the transition takes too long I'll surely lose time on the real Charlotte talent.

And only because I'm a bit of a screen print snob, and these posters are great, check out the American Legion's other fine works. Seriously, do it.

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