05 July, 2008

Tale of the Tape

BC Bike Race by the numbers. Still recovering in Whistler, and there's better things to be done here than blog. We finished 36th in the men's field, a final count of 97 teams, think it started at 101. Don't really know where that is in the overall, but we were the only SS team that finished after Tim Doughetry's tragic shoulder separation on Stage 5 (one of at least 4 shoulders I counted that day). Dejay joined us for the final two stages, had some fun, and snapped some pictures, all in the name of keeping the one speed train together. I guess officially we are the second team to complete this race (in its current form) on single speeds, although some strong teams have made attempts and simply had some bad luck. We made it through relatively unscathed; the only carnage being my cracked helmet, and 4 flats.

Until I can get some real data up, and more importantly, what pictures I could snap from the saddle, here's the numbers

Stage 1. 53.91 miles, 5926 feet, 5:55:22, 39th place
Stage 2. 79.29 miles, 4103 feet, 5:53:28, 47th place
Stage 3. 51.91 miles, 5581 feet, 5:01:38, 42nd place
Stage 4. 39.45 miles, 5376 feet, 4:28:39, 39th place
Stage 5. 39.39 miles, 6130 feet, official time missing, 37th place
Stage 6. 39.39 miles, 5820 feet, 5:04:20, 35th place
Stage 7. 29.25 miles, 5620 feet, 4:02:12, 36th place

Total ride time: 34.54.29 (unofficial)
Total distance: 332.59 miles
Total Climb: 38,556 feet, conservative, to be updated later

Cheers to no more 5:30 am wake up calls, shoving mass amounts of food in my mouth, waiting for the bathroom, and nursing my ass. A painful goodbye to some of the best trails of ridden, let alone back to back to back to back to back to back to back, in my life.

One Speed Crew Represent!


cornfed said...

Nice work SSlohio!! Can't wait to see the pics, the ones on Nat Ross's journal showed some killer looking singletrack.

Jut Rut said...

kick ass job dude. guess you're going to kick my ass up riding up spencer gap next time. see you soon. enjoy bc and nice pic of the podium poach...

Robert said...
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