27 June, 2008

Victoria Victoria Victoria

Bear Moose Bear

My Dad'll see my IPA and raise you one Witte, and he'll win the mustache contest handsdown. Words to live by provided by the British Columbia House of Parliment, built in 1893. Some things never change. Its been a lot of fun riding around this town; one of those places that makes you think the world can't be all that bad. Everyone here rides bikes, so far i've one seen a few "cyclists," which is a comforting trend, one that I think we could use a bit more of in "the states". There are bike lanes everywhere, and in an effort to promote cycling as well as independent shops, the government doesn't charge the extra canadian tax on bicycles. Wonderful!! This sign hung in the front window of North Park Bike Shop in Victoria, where expert mechanic Joe installed a new bottom bracket for both Chip and I after we road around town looking for the actual parts. This was easier than we expected with 26 bikes shops in downtown Victoria.

Today is fun-fun go register day, and get herded like cattle through 8 registration tables, and come away with a suitcase full of schwag. Race meeting at 7pm tonite, and then we are spending our last night in Victoria. Early departure tomorrow, and all the logistics will be behind me, and I'll just be left super stoked to hit some trails and have some good times in 6 more B.C. towns.

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Andy said...

Good luck, Rob. Tell Chip, too.