16 January, 2008

Ronnie Thomson Rest in Peace

I copied this right from the front page of the National Ultra Endurance series website. I never met RonniIe Thomson, and never made it down to one of his birthday parties at the Thomson factory, but everytime I've been down south to race or ride, there is constant mention of Ronnie. He gave a lot back to the riding community and he will be missed.

1/16/08 -
Our good friends at LH Thomson intended to throw a birthday bash for owner and founder Ronnie Thomson. Unfortunately Ronnie passed last week. Please keep Ronnie, his family and the staff at LH Thomson in your thoughts and prayers. Ronnie's family has asked that the celebrations are continued in memory, so please bring a card of condolence and stop by the event known as the Thomson Days MTB Festival. The day will include the Sweetwater 420 Endurance Race, Dirt Jumping, and tall tales around the camp fire well into the night. Bring your camping gear and warm blanket.

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