12 January, 2008

Post Race Motivation and Coral Gables

The whole time I've had this travel intensive job, I've found it impossible to sit on some ill fitting exercise bike in a 8 x 10 room masquerading as the "fitness center" and put in any quality fitness time. My first results of the year, and a government forced fiscal prudence (I don't have anywhere near enough money saved for taxes) helped to provide a little more motivation to put in the spin time. There are a good 4 or 5 people within a few minutes of me at Snake Creek. Its supposed to be an early season training series for me, but after coming in second with so little training effort thus far, I can feel myself getting a little number hungry. Not my intent, but it'll help me stick with this early season training schedule, building base for the longer races on my schedule later. I rode 4 days this week, doing 3 sets of 20 at tempo for 3 days, and did some more intense intervals for an hour on tuesday. I figure I still need to keep those systems active even though I'm more concerned with endurance this year. There are those who think that training anaerobic brings everything else up. When you are limited on time, either by a travel intensive job, or Ohio weather, or both, like myself, you do what you can.

Spent some time with the family over the weekend and went for a short ride with my Dad around the various bike paths along both rivers in Pittsburgh. January is pretty mild so far, wish I was home putting some time in with the Roubaix. It'll have to wait a week, I'm off to Springfield, MO all next week.

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Gary said...


I just clicked through from John Davis's blog...

I've been subscribed to the mindset that anaerobic training is the way to go. Like you said, it all depends on the schedule. I'm hoping to find the time to do som more structured and productive training in '08.