07 May, 2011


There's something nice about the sun poking through the ever present thick grey clouds of a Cleveland morning, sipping coffee, going through the morning routine. Its all made better when people make the soundtrack for you. Cleveland = music, and when up here, I always end up digging around, or more so "remembering" that there's an endless amount of great stuff to find. Oh Asheville, you offer so much to the outdoorsy side of me, but your music scene is a barren plain of statement, populated only by extremely skilled musicians with little new to say.

Jai Paul - BTSTU (Edit) by Jai Paul

Up here for a few days, paying some favors to friends, landscaping the houses if it ever dries up enough or warms up enough, and spending the day/afternoon/night at the Cicli Polito fabrication shop touching up the front end of my bike. We were aiming for a short wheel base, and we may have over shot it, so its time for a slightly modified new fork to dial it in. Going boldly into new territory and loving the ride so far, and love that the building process is so flexible on this one. Finished product is eagerly awaited.

At 8:40 a lot of folks are up and over Black Mountain and well into their PMBAR day. For once I'm quite satisfied to be lumbering through the morning in the empty house of a friend, accompanied by strong coffee and a bowl of blueberries.