01 March, 2011


Two things visual today, and I know, I know, I know; I have two more climbs to write up. I'm finally back in front of the computer tomorrow being paid by someone else, so that'll be motivation enough to write up my Illiniza Sur (Plan B surprise) and Cotopaxi climbs.

First things first because I've committed so many words to the memory of my adventures, I'll grace these pages with some photos for viewing.

With that out of the way, how about some amazing typography. And you thought fonts weren't cool. I have to credit KS for getting me to watch this movie with her. You click on the stream now button on Netflix, the screen darkens, and the films races headlong into the opening credits. The rest of the film was an impressive visual statement for a first time filmmaker. If you like that sort of thing, and can handle some disturbing imagery mixed in with the filmmaker's visually ambient representation of the synthetic psychedelic experience, I highly recommend "Enter the Void."

And because I'm still listening to Kanye's record daily, I stumbled on to his "All of the Lights" video (I did so because my little bro worked on a remix of Monster. He plays in a band with Ben Bronfman from time to time, Ben's got access to the Kanye masters because of his production credit on a couple tracks. I liken it to the two Ratatat remix albums in that they left the vocal tracks pretty much untouched and put an instrumental layer to it. I like it.) Kanye no doubt had access to Enter the Void, and the team that did it, though in my little bit of looking I can't find the outfit. The downside of it is, with 9 million views, the Kanye video seems to be driving a lot of people to the Enter the Void clip, with its mere 179,000 views. People are going to get the wrong idea. This one comment is saving the day.

I'm a let you finish but "Enter the Void" was the best psychedelic-transcendental-Fre­nch-film-in-English-set -in-Japan-about-post-traumatic­-stress- Freudian-psychology-and-the-Ti­betan-Book-of-the Dead of all time! :)

Kanye West, you thought we wouldn't notice.


Emily said...

hmmmm, they both seem heavily influenced by the less epileptic, but nonetheless awesome, DVNO video:

Ohio Robb said...

Yeah, that Justice video came up a lot in my OCD searching through Hype Williams and Gasper Noe's influences and opportunities to have crossed paths. Stylistically, its a little different though. It's a small step from Gasper to Hype, and a long jump back to Justice.

Emily said...

I hear ya. still. STILL. ya know.