28 January, 2011

Rico Pinchacha

Heading up for the first climb of the trip today under cloudy skies down here low in Quito. Rucu is 15,656 and involves some 4th and low 5th class stuff. Been in Quito at 9300 for two days feeling good, we'll see how 15.5 feels today. Hope weather clears up.

Well the weather did not clear up so we got to hike and climb in a spitting rain for the way up, though it stopped for most of the rock sections and the rock dried rather quickly. Dull headache set in at about 15, but loosening the helmet did the trick. I was giving myself AMS symptoms. Summit was shrouded in fog, but very calm. Dined on nutella and pb sandwiches and grande queso Doritos with a successful acclimatization climb under me, close to 2500 ft higher than I've been previously. Sun came out for our quick descent down the more standard hiking route. Pictures to come but not till I get home unfortunately.

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