08 January, 2011

Cell casting your favorite concert just got better

Deliberating between the pros and cons of either buying an iPad or an iPod touch. Always need another gadget in the house, and it'd be nice to have a small and light way to stay mildly connected to friends and family on rest days in Ecuador. I also look to be back on the road for 2011, the 7 months of working out of the house now almost behind me. Airport life demands the diversion of a 9 inch screen or at least a 4 inch screen.

I think cameras on cell phones are a waste of time. Someone is always flashing grainy pictures at a bar, or standing there with their iPhone blocking the view of a band in a dimly lit club. Your friends get to see some blurry photo you'll never print, share, or do anything with. If they are even luckier they get to "hear" the distorted bass line and cymbals of the band on stage. Kudos to Apple for not only introducing this cancerous phenomenon to society at large, but now also redesigning the fourth generation iPod Touch to enhance it, thus ensuring its immortality. From the apple website:

"The back camera. See and share.

So your roommate had to work late and couldn’t make it to the concert. You can share the encore with a FaceTime call. As the band takes the stage and starts playing one of her all-time favorite songs, just tap a button. And before the lead singer can belt out his first note, iPod touch switches to the back camera and to the sure-to-be-legendary performance. Another tap switches to the front camera and to you. Simple, fast, and fun."

Maybe your roommate should have gotten a better job that doesn't require her to work at midnight on a Tuesday. And maybe she has this shitty job because she's always on her phone listening to the inaudible noise picked up by your 3mm iPod microphone. Maybe this is her second job. She needs it just to afford the data plan that allows all this magic to happen.

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