26 July, 2010

Kudos to Delta (aka don't mess with SSUSA racers)

I've been more active than my blog. I promise. Still out there finding days in Pisgah. Beating the heat by exploring the trails that cross rivers between 12 and 15 times in a short distance. Gauging rainfall and heading to the swimming holes built for one that appear with enough precipitation. Spending time back and forth between Durham balancing time between the selfish nature to disappear and time spent with the girl gracious enough to allow my other transgressions. A weekend of climbing follows a weekend of wine tasting, Before that it was two 6 hour rides that followed a mini vacation to Charleston. I consider myself pretty lucky to have the time to keep both sides of the coin nice and shiny.

And just when things couldn't get any better; this shows up.
Back in January, on the way to Tucson for SSUSA, Delta misplaced my baggage. At the time I was flying 8 itineraries a month, most of which connected. That's a minimum of 16 flights a month. Been doing it for almost 3 years less my gratuitous down time. Lost my bags twice. Delta was guilty in both cases.

This isn't a blog about insurance paperwork so i'll spare you the details, but after arguing "like" items, spending limits which Delta reps only stated at "reasonable," (reasonable spending limits are as likely to be agreed upon by two people as is the phenotypic makeup of the offspring of a leprechaun and a unicorn) and "lost" paperwork when I checked in eight weeks into the process, I gave up.

Its been....uhhh...January 26th to July 26th...wow...EXACTLY 6 months, far longer than the 10 week window promised. Imagine my surprise when last week I received a letter stating that, under separate cover, I'd be receiving a check for $500.00. The corporate treatment of average Joe kept me skeptical even as I opened the envelope today.

Off to the bank. Thanks Delta, you aren't so bad. As soon as this clears I'll buy my US Air ticket for X-mas.


Big Bikes said...

Duuude, I remember vividly how pissed you were at the airport. Glad they came correct...eventually.


Chris said...

Was wondering where you were man.