04 February, 2010

Still riding indoors

If you don't live in the Southeast, you wouldn't know this. But we don't have a riding season so far. I'm just as willing as anyone I know to go out in bad conditions (namely I don't adhere to the unwritten rule among friends that you just don't road ride below 40 degrees.) What's it all mean? It means my thus far front loaded race schedule is going to hurt, be unsuccessful, or hurt and be unsuccessful.

I am however caught up on the entire Coen Brother's catalogue, including the Hudsucker Proxy which I always forget about, a handful of Wes Anderson movies, two Sam Rockwell movies, some climbing porn, the best and worst of Paul Thomas Anderson and both seasons of The Boondoks. (Not both Boondok Saints movies...still refuse to see the second). Bella isn't even afraid of the hum of the trainer anymore. She, unlike myself, has reached her peace with the fluid resistance machine in front of the television.

So with another bout of Wintry Mix heading our way, and just as lousy a forecast for the majority of next week; I'm heading to Tucson. I'm the worst co-promoter ever, having done very little this year compared to last year, but its SSUSA time again. I won it the first year, sunk money into it the second year, and this year I'm just hiding and going out for some riding. Lots of it. Got 50+miles on Saturday for the race, some rest and polo Sunday, and then hopefully 3 big rides M-W with Dejay and the crew or Scott "bikepacking.net" Morris. Gonna check out as much AZT as possible and get as much info from Scott as I can to help find success in April. If I make it.


tiburon said...

make sure you've seen "Safe Men".

ExtrmTao said...

Aren't you from the midwest? What's all this hiding from the cold???

Time to saddle up in a week.

Ride in SC this Sunday, we have nice weather down south of the border.