23 January, 2010

Heartbreak 2: Me 0 (Hey welcome back asshole)

I'm gonna come back at this as if I never left. Which is absurd. I've done quite a bit since that last post. A climbing trip to Colorado, tons of riding, a week in Belize. But here goes...a little riding post to ease me back into it...

Not much of a ride, but a telling story about how the "riding" season is progressing here in the southeast. It isn't, really. We tried to ride Rattlesnake, Old Toll and Heartbreak today and were blessed with fog, downed trees, deep snow drifts, and finally; the front line of the trail maintenance effort. At least someone is fixing the problem. A very short way up Old Toll we ran into 6 or 7 chainsaw toting youth doing the good deed. Bless your hearts lads. Keep it up. Maybe by April the remnant of this year's snow and ice storms will have receeded and we can get back to what we do best in Asheville; riding the trails that we endlessly brag about to outsiders even though they don't care.

Its 2-0 because last time I went to ride Heartbreak with Ed and Marvin, I flatted my rear with the Rohloff on, and lacking a 15mm wrench, walked the entire length of Heartbreak after the steep loose drop in from the hunting tin can establishment. I'll have revenge when trail conditions improve.

On bike notes; I moved my Brooks saddle off of my long retired messenger rig onto the mountain bike. With the introduction of the new rig coming in February, the Dieringer is being purpose built for long haul. Its keeping the goofy Jones' H bars, getting the Brooks Special edition B-17, probably a steel or Ti seatpost rather than the carbon FSA, nice soft shoe supporting Candy pedals and will eventually be permanently mated with the Rohloff. And I think I need a new Endless Cog, this one's shot.
Cold and Foggy at the Start
Lots of trees down on Rattlesnake
Some big ones down too, and evidence of trail angels
Then the snow/ice concoction started to get deep
And then there's the sink holes that have appeared

Then we found this big teeter totter that took 2 people to get to turnover; but we had three people in our group.


dougyfresh said...

lot of trees still down, huh?

still snow down there? we lost all our snow. trails are prime for riding. i just haven't been out. whenever i'm ready to ride its above freezing and the trails are very soggy (not worth the damage).

EndlessBikeCo. said...

I think I know the girl that could help ya out with that cog issue. I mean for real.

ExtrmTao said...

Yo man, let's ride soon!!

Give me a shout if you want some floor space and keg drinkin' for Icycle.