03 March, 2009

West Coast vs West Coast

Last Saturday went like this: only it started on Friday Night
Rogue Brewing's Tap House and Distillery (Yep...Rogue started doing a few liquors...some rum, gin, and yet to be bottled vodka and whiskey)Timberline Lodge and a drive around Mt. Hood. The snow was taller than our car around 5000 ft. Full Sail Brewing's Tap House for Lunch, which overlooks its namesake, a section of the Columbia River famous for wind and kite surfing
Multmonah Falls, the quickest hike to one of 10 waterfalls in as many miles along the Columbia River Gorge. According to our Full Sail server, its the "biggest" west of the Mississippi. I don't know if that means highest or what, certainly wasn't CFS, the wind turned it to mist by the bottom
Back to Rogue for another night. I didn't ONLY go to Rogue, but it was the hilite. Deschutes had some great stuff on tap (and a really good pretzl), and Widmer is actually working with some experimental Hops and had made a hopped porter with it that was tasty. The men and women of Rogue are just a little more interesting in what they do with beer.

Now I'm trying to balance these two people in LA. The weather is great. LA is not. Riding was a near death experience from the west edge of Beverly Hills out to Santa Monica. Beaches were a nice change of scenery, as were the barrio's and Asian gangs on the way home. Why doesn't this guy smile anymore? Its because he's been home for 6 days in 2009. Looking to make it a solid 7 days eventually

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doug said...

I LOVE that area. Thinking about going out there next year to that bicycle frame building school. Interested?

I have some photos of those falls in springtime (May). Good snowboarding up at Timberline then too. I'll have to dig 'em up for you.