19 March, 2009

Politics and Posting

Between pay check work and moonlighting as race promoter extraordinaire, there has been little riding of note. Trying to stay fit in a series of hotel room-fitness center-rare outdoor exposures has been a challenge, but I'm doing what I can. That being said, if I do anything riding worthy, i'll put it up, but most other energy is being put into SSUSA, and the fledgling SSUSA blog over here.

Race promotion is a spicy cocktail of hardwork, politics, niceties, avoiding grudges, and begging. After months of hard work and negotiations with the National Forest Service, its suddenly all up in the air again. If I had an end to the story, you'd hear about here, but I don't. If you want to come race one speed bikes in Georgia in May, keep an eye on the event, and be very very flexible.

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