21 January, 2009

Return from Grand Canyon

Okay. I'm back. Working on a picture set, but its huge. Maybe a review in the future as well, but let it be said that 16 days on the Colorado River in The Grand Canyon is a great way to spend the early part of January should you ever get the chance. Met some incredible people that instantly re-centered me, and put me in a place that feels a little more like home, even when home is constantly moving downstream and having to be unloaded and loaded again. Have some new ties to Patagonia, Alaska, and even in my own backyard.

Its been a few days in Phoenix now, driving in circles and exploring the exoburbs of this giant fucking eyesore. Really. What is going on at the urban design center at city hall? Tomorrow takes me to Tuscon for Dejay's annual gathering of single speed talent for an EARLY season shocker, lovingly being referred to as "The Defibrilator," a 50 mile SS race in 80 degree temps within the first 5 days of the Obama administration.

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