30 December, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me

The Dieringer went back into the lab over the month of December (hence a few pictures of me on a geared full suspension Taiwanese rig). If you need to see more pictures of my sled, and you do, click here. Yelp out to White Bros., Ergon, and Kenda for helping put it together.
The result is the Dieringer 2.0...whose name is Greg. Don't ask...or read here. Greg is either my alter ego, or simply the homoerotic name of this years race bike. We haven't decided. Having a bike named after a guy surely throws the competition off a bit. Or I could ride as Robb, but race as Greg...a pretentious Assos clad, gram counting, powertap using, nutrition watching non alcoholic XC racer dabbling in SS endurance because its, ahem, "all the rage."We have all week to decide. Doug has left the great white north and ask that I return the favor as tour guide for the week. A couple other training mates are off for the week as well. Day one was the soon-t0-become-classic Fish Hatchery Loop. So somewhere out of good meals, camaraderie and dark beer we will figure out why my bike is named Greg....because Spectrum Powder coating definitely doesn't have an answer.

A few days till Snake Creek Gap, January Edition, and I'm trying to gauge how I feel, other than sick. A few days plus 2 until I disembark on the Grand Canyon paddling trip. Lots of packing in my future.


Chewieez said...

I like the new paint job. I think I might need the bike though as I'm Greg, not you. Just put an "Old" in front of the Greg and then you can explain a whole other thing to people.

cornfed said...

shut up old greg, leave new paint greg alone.

nice paint, still only running one bolt in the rear sliders? No problems?

Ohio Robb said...

both bolts are there....wait, lemme go check.....yep they are there. i think Chip was only running one...he likes to save weight that way.

Chip said...

I'm sure my two beefy, steel bolts weigh more than eight Ti bolts. Weight has nothing to do with it.

Paint looks good, looking forward to getting my SS a make over soon.

Hodge said...

Man, you rocked it good. keep it up.
Good seeing you.
See you next month?


Ohio Robb said...


i'm just glad to hear you're alive. Welcome back brother...good work no matter what your time was, it was just great to see you in the parking lot. it wouldn't have been the same.

Doug said...

Hey Robb, nice looking machine.
Are you going back to BC this year? If you get to NEPA, look me up. I got a place to stay and lots of trails to ride.


Dirtyfaces said...

Wow. That bike looks hot. I love how the top tube meets the down tube.

Dirtyfaces said...

Wow. That bike looks hot. I love how the top tube meets the down tube.