12 November, 2008

Don't get disabled in CT

never under estimate the power of an appropriately placed "by." Why can't we use our own language? What kind of situation would you find yourself in for you to have to use a disabled person? And where are you supposed to keep your material you use to do it?

I'm in Connecticut for 3 out of the next 4 weeks. Weather has made a stronger first impression up here, and its a bit chilly. With the help of Bare Knuckle Brigade/Viscous Doug (two names that horribly misrepresent his calm demeanor) I'll be getting out on some trail here by weeks end...but other than that its been a lot of work and rest.

As I left Asheville on the eve of the final race of the season, the urge to start taking things a little more serious finally hit again. I do it every year. November and December are big training months, I peak in February, and then see where it goes from there. There are some short races coming up early in the season, short for me anyway, and I have little-to-no high end power in the tank. If i needed gasoline to spark explosive power, i'm burning sterno fuel. Its a combination of doing races that last 8-36 hours, end of the season blahs, and desire to just go spend some long days in the intensely color lit under canopy of Pisgah in October.

Saturday was spent at Jack of the Wood, finally getting to see The High Windy band play a gig rather than the back porch. As all social outings have been, it was full of surprises, some that hit like a truck, and some that have become all too predictable, yes, even as surprises. I was offered some sage advice. It gave a little focus, and the next morning, after a beer fueled bluegrass evening, I forced myself out of bed and onto the Roubaix at 6:45 for a 90 minute interval session on what has become my "loop." Its a relatively rolling course, has two good 8-10 minute climbs, a few flat spots that allow some 30 second efforts and recovery, and some great views of rural north carolina life. Its not going to keep me motivated over the winter, but its a start, and thus far sure beats the Fluid Trainers of the great white north.

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ben and greg said...

i understand that they can be used as passable flotation devices.