08 October, 2008


This stuff keeps falling into my lap.....

and in the spirit of the last post...

here's a couple things I'm working on, and offering an open invite into for the next year.

Numero Uno: A permit on the Colorado river takes approximately a shit ton of money, OR a 20 year wait list. If you doubt me, read issue 24 of Alpinist and read how hard it was for one of the world's greatest climbers. Today, a permit fell into my lap, via my new friend and landlord in Asheville. The offer, a 20 day whitewater trip down the Colorado. A lot of sleeping on the raft, and a few days where the Grand Canyon actually yeilds its verticality and allows us to sleep on her shores. Under a grand, fully supported by a cook; adventure of a lifetime.

Numero Dos: thanks to Harlan Price, the awareness of a 9 day stage race in India in March. Well, well under a grand, 12 fully supported days in India, in the Sikkim state of India, way up north, between Nepal and Bhutan. The foothills of the Karakoram, within site of the hardest lines in alpinism, the purest mountains in the world, and a culture well outside of my understanding and comfort. Second adventure of a lifetime.

Both of these great opportunities add up to atleast 10 NUE races. Honestly, only 1 or 2 of those were a lot fun. No more 10 hour drives to race, no more frivalous bull shit traveling across the country to drink. This may be where its at. Returning to a life on the edge....it may all be coming together now. A great 30th year birthday present.

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doug said...

Seeing as rafting is no-go for me (damn corporate america) I vote for India. We'll usher in our 30s proper.