12 September, 2008

Trapped in Funland

the problem with being in Asheville is that most of my time is spent riding, or cleaning up bikes, and very little of it is left for updating the blog. I've ridden almost everyday since the Shenandoah.

Tuesday-little road riding around the BRP to recover
Wednesday-"cyclocross" day on some gravel/trails to and from the BRP courtesy Chris Bennett
Thursday-Road ride with Beth up Elk Mountain
Friday-Spencer loop with Bennett from the top of 5000
Saturday-nothing much
Sunday-Laurel Mountain to BRP to Big Creek to Trace with Chris and Ed joined by Matt and Ben for the first half--and then the LAAFF festival
Monday -- lots of recovery from the night before
Tuesday--repeat Laurel/Big Creek loop with Beth in the rain
Wednesday--Dupont Group ride with Tomato, Dennis and David George out of Fawn Lake...push it past dark
Thursday--Bear Creek to Turkey Ridge to Marshall and return on the River road ride with Beth

Amidst all this I also looked at twenty some apartments, and met with a handful of people as potential roommates. Overall I found this more exhausting than the actual riding. Finally settled on a place in WEST Asheville, like, West-West, a little off the beaten path, and a little on the white trash path, but its a great house, has a wood burning stove, a great kitchen, and fenced in yard for my dog and my roomie, Charity's, dogs. Moving in just before the first of the month, so that will provide another week of chaos.

I was also supposed to be in Houston next week, and that fell through because of the circular ferocity we all lovingly call Ike. I wish the residents of Houston the best, but thank them for getting in the way of the storm, it affords me a fully paid week off, the ONE good thing about my current contract.

I still need to reflect on the season....that seems to be all the rage on Fuzzy, Dejay, and Dicky's blogs. I really don't know where I ended up in the NUE. Top ten for sure, but maybe 8th or 9th or who cares. I'll have to go back and review, but I think that was my goal, so I'm happy, right? Its about more than that, its about accomplishing a lot of firsts in the past year, meeting a lot of people that came outta no where to surprise and support me, and a lot of people that flat out dissappointed me, and all that takes some time to put into words. Maybe if it rains, I'll sit and write.

Here's to last week [ching], thanks to Beth, Chris, Ed and Jonathon for taking me out and showing me around, and being the only people I know in town so far and whom I rely on entirely too much to keep me occupied. Thanks for your time.

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