29 August, 2008

The thing about getting robbed....

while living out of your car in a post SSWC turned corporate work attire fog is that it takes you a long time to realize what you've lost in the act. Tuesday night in Reno, a couple of kids decided to break into a couple cars at the hotel. Mine was one of the lucky ones. Other than some expensive shit (Car Garmin, Bike Garmin, Two iPODs) they also swiped my Chrome messenger bag. That alone sucks. That thing was on my back everyday, rain, snow or shine, for over a year when I worked the streets in Cleveland. What makes it even worse is the fact that the bag contained 2 Yazoo wool jerseys, my wool SSUSA champions jersey, my SSUSA champions belt, my SSWC08 bottle opener and a pair of Swobo wool knickers. All of this stuff is virtually irreplaceable, and also useless to the fucks that stole it.

They also grabbed a bunch of clothes I had just bought, with the receipt, and were dumb enough to try to return in, where they were almost apprehended. They escaped the store and jumped into their car and nearly hit two people speeding out of the parking lot. There is video footage of the whole merchandise return incident, clear footage of the guy's face walking into the store, but the way cops work, I don't hold any hope in seeing any of my stuff again. The other guy at the hotel that got robbed was a federal employee, and previously mentioned fucks are in posession of a government property laptop. This makes it a federal situation doesn't it??

If you ever see some punk wearing a SSUSA jersey, he ain't no champion. Punch him in the face. Is this goddamned week over yet?

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greg said...

dude- it's happening everywhere. schmidty had her bike stolen last week, so good-bye barracuda, and i had the full-size spare stolen off of the back of my truck in broad daylight in front of our offices. to ad insult to injury, i'd, of course, just put a brand-new tire on it too. bad economy=theft? anyway, sorry to hear you're having the same week as us, just in another part of the country.