23 August, 2008

SSWC day 2, urban recovery

Injury and sleep kept any of us from riding with the group this morning, but we eventually made it to the festivities. We parked on the north side of the Golden Gate bridge and rode in to town, through Golden Gate state park, to San Francisco's oldest bike shop, American Cyclery for a little gathering. The highlight of standing around on the street corner was the shunkiest bike contest, won hands down by a Scotsman on a definitely shunky bike, the same shunky bike he road at last year's worlds in Scotland, and then continued to ride on a bike tour to Africa. Well done.

We all left American Cyclery in somewhat orderly fashion, but Dicky got trapped behind someone going a bit too slow, and by the time we popped out of a bit of trail, the group was gone. We were now a group 20 strong with no idea where we were going, so we gave up on the trail idea and started urban riding to the base of the bridge, up and over again, and back into the headlands. A pretty steep road climb lead up, over and down to a nice little secluded beach with no beer and no food, but we all hung out a bit, some more friends showed up, including Dejay and Wicki, and we made out way back up the long climb, through the fog, and into the Golden Gate parking lot just before dark.

Pictures are up here. Enjoy

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