04 August, 2008

Jersey goes downhill fast

If you've waited for it, it has finally arrived. Jersey has reared its ugly, beast like head in the form of a $189 dollar fine for not having proof of insurance when I got pulled over leaving dinner. Instantly, all the fond memories of rocky singletrack and days in the woods with new friends were replaced with those of a walk across a highway to an ATM because the city of Hanover doesn't take Visa. I spent 3 hours today in Hanover township court. 5:00pm court started at 5:45, which really speaks to the professionalism and courtesy of those chosen by the taxpayers of the township to, [clear throat]....."serve and protect." I, in my illustrious past as an irresponsible person, and driver, have been pulled over for getting in an accident, WHILE DRIVING ON A SUSPENDED LICENSE, and had the case dropped after securing the necessary paperwork. Not in the people's republic of Jersey. There goes some gas money.

In happier times....I find myself nearly out of love, and in need of things to lust over. As a slow reforming fashion/design snob, and closet customer of G-star, I must have this. Cannondale got together with my denim choice du jour (really last 5 years) and created an incredible design project, laced expertly with brooks parts, and one-off shimano stuff. Shimano doesen't do that, limited (500) piece runs of components. So....i haven't even started the hunt for one of these, but mark my words (think Wayne's World), she will be mine. Any of you cannondale pros (read Tim Dougherty and Michelle Stopper) feel free to help me out....

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