28 April, 2008

Back to Work

This'll be the first post Cohutta post....and that was 10 days ago. I got a little lazy after the race. To be honest, something I've never prided myself on, I actually got a little lazy 60 miles into the race. Woke up Sunday morning, jumped in the car, and drove with hurried pace to Cleveland Hopkins International so I could begin an unprecedented 5 week marathon session of work. And before you start whining about your 9-5 jobs that you work 52 weeks a year, remember that the better part of my day is spent wearing a suit, and the other half of the day is spent in mid-grade business friendly hotels. Hilites of the marathon thus far;

Duluth, MN: really isn't that bad, and they have a great brewery; Fitger's Brewing. I had a really nice Quad Pale Ale that was cask conditioned, and hand pumped from whereever in the basement they kept the cask. Also had a Belgian Strong Ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels. Hmmm...what else, an Apricot Wheat that puts that Pyramid swill to shame; a double bach called Ted Koppell Bach (still searching for the reference....was Ted Koppell from Duluth?..nope Lancashire, England, and bach is a german malted beer, not an english bitter, so what gives?) AND to top things off, they make (purchase from Korea) an insulated, slightly pregnant shaped camelbak type bag that is perfect for biking with growlers. I'm sure pictures of it will show up here eventually.

Marietta, GA: Which is basically a wealthier, hillier Atlanta. Thus far its been really hectic at work, but the view from the windows is off a lush spring induced Atlanta rainforest, complete with totem pole. It runs along the Chattahoochee river, and there are allegedly mountain bike trails down there somewhere. One of the brokers here competes in ironman length triathalon AND actually possesses bike handling skills. Must be something in the water. I rode the famous Silver Comet Bike Path. This picture is a dramatic reinactment, in reality, that actually isn't me, and there'd be about 35 small dogs on 35ft leashes walked by 35 year old condo dwellers. Did meet some other bikers and I'm heading up to a ride Wednesday night. Back to more digging on tri-atheletes....a girl who does olympic length Tri(s) admitted to me that she pees on her bike while riding. She found it odd that during my longer races, I'll jump off for bio brakes. Again, must be something in the water.

Up and Coming: Of most bike worthy note, DSG is in a few days. Looking forward to hanging with the Yazoo boys, watching SSUSA, making excuses for not racing SSUSA, and then chasing those two ShoAir/Niner guys around 10 miles of trail for 12 hours. Should be a good weekend, and then its off to Alpharette, GA, Venice, FL, and lastly Orlando, FL, rounding out enough work to pay for a secret weapon AND BC Bike race, well not all of BC Bike Race, I didn't work 5 weeks AND sell my kidney.


Jamie Pillsbury said...

You clean up well...I may need to refer to you as Handsome Rob rather than Ohio Rob...Looking forward to another weekend in the woods, this time we will be going round and round rather than here to there. See you this weekend.

ExtrmTao said...

Marietta, Charles resides there, he did the Cohutta as well. He would gladly show you around.


I am sure it is too late now but just so you know. You can tell him I sent you.

greg said...

hey brother! it was great to see you last weekend, as always. anyway, why does this entry start with a picture of one of the dudes from the hives? ha! best of luck with business time. talk to you later-