30 January, 2008

The goods and bads of St. Louis

Am I ever going to get out of here??? I have a late flight on Friday to Atlanta, so that I can drive up to Dalton for the 2nd Snake Creek Gap race. St. Louis is getting 5-6 inches of snow between now and Friday. With my luck my perfect itinerary, which is graciously being covered by my company, will fall apart, I'll end up sleeping in the St. Louis airport, and getting to ATL just late enough to drive like a maniac to Dalton, and miss the race. CLE knows how to deal with snow.
While its no ATL, where 6 people die from a dusting, 6 inches will shut down the mighty STL and I'll be a guest of the Chateau Lambert-St. Louis International. Wonderful.
In better news, White Brother's Cycling has extended a grassroots sponsorship my way. I can now afford their sexy carbon rigid fork to swap out their supple 100mm travel Magic 29 that is on the Dieringer. I think that'll be the final set up for the Cohutta 100 in April to kick off my SS 100 season. Zak took so much time to design my frame around the 100mm fork (after I told him about it half way through fabrication) that I think this'll be the way to go. An exact match on the drop to crown measurements should eliminate any need to tweak anything else. Which means that I'll take apart and rebuild the bike every night before the race just for old times sake. Its works for me. Now I just need to gather the appropriate funds......oh yeah....the job thing.
Counting down the days until I may not have a job anymore. Working all this week in St. Louis has had odd tension in the air that smells of condensed soup for dinner the rest of the winter if these folks I work for don't figure something out. Oh well, I'm playing it off. I don't know how, but I always seem to float to the top. I can always go back to doing construction (a 400% pay cut) or being a messenger. That involved a lot of soup as well.

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