29 December, 2007

Intraholiday Riding

I'll tell ya what. For all of you lacking the motivation to get on the trainer or ride in the cold, I've developed a highly tuned system of exercises to get you going again. First, find 5-7 days where you don't have to go to work. Eat non-stop, don't even bother noting what it is that you are eating, just put it in that toothy hole above your neck and move on. Pepper in 2-3 movies from "on demand" per day. Don't worry if you string a few back to back, its okay, it'll all help later. Hydration: make sure you are at a relatives house, and that this relative has taken advantage of the cold weather by turning their balcony into a walk in beer cooler. Visit this between movies, or during any exciting parts of the movie that might raise your heart rate. Our goal here is total lethargy.

By day seven, or even three, I promise you'll want to get back on a bike.

I think I've ridden 4 days in a row now, the most in a while. Its a little pre-season training camp around here. Did a few indoor rides at my parents place, and finally got outside today back here in Cleveland. Its cold.

The old O and E Canalway. Probably the best bike path in the city. Obviously these things tend to be a gauntlet of small children and long leashed dogs, but for whatever reason (in the ghetto) this particular bike path is always empty. On top of that, they plow it and blow the leaves and sticks off, probably the cities only good use of my property tax money.
And yes it was cold, that gigantic furry neck gaiter thing eventually made it up over my ears and nose. I truly am a mountain biker baby. I can't handle the open roads and cutting wind out here. Who knew those spinly little regrowth trees offered so much warmth and protection. I'll have to thank them the next time I get out. And while I'm at it, remind them they offer better scenery as well.

The boring stuff:
32.05 miles, 17.9 average, 1:47:57, 154bpm avg., 81 rpm avg., 1402 ft climbed.
3 x 10 minute efforts at @ 164 bpm with 5 min "recovery" at @150. Then just went random for distance, and threw in a couple rolling hill climbs. Long, maybe hard group ride tomorrow morning, so I just took it easy
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Mehul said...

Next time you take a picture of your speedometer make sure the needle is buried past the 120.
Seriously though, it is a nice looking site. What kind of camera are you using?

Robert said...

I just bought a Olympus Stylus 790. I think there are some other model letters in there somewhere...its the waterproof, freezeproof, dustproof, drop proof one. I don't actually believe any of that, but at least they are more likely to replace it when i break it.

Mehul said...

The pictures look nice. Good job at Snake Creek Gap!