27 November, 2007

On/Off the Road Again

One Holiday season behind me, the off season officially begins. I don't know if I have a clear definition of off season. Off season's are for those people who have a much better grasp on their own schedule than do I.

This happened last year: restful post season; train hard through November and December; peak, in terms of results, during a February preseason race; job takes over; cycling loses its time squelching supremacy; falter through a season; temporarily lose job in October; start getting fit just as everyone else cools off; Ohio weather starts to force off season in November; start planning next season.

I'm now on the road for 6 days at a time. This should make the first week of off season fairly straight forward. I walk circles into the carpet at work. I take on the oddest of IT challenges, transforming them into an hour long battle vs. the uninformed just so I can look at my watch. One down, seven to go. A happy hour on the second floor serves as dinner. I attempt to ride an exercise bike, get uncomfortable/frustrated/bored and quit. This is going well. So for the next 6 days, I definitely get to rest up, give the body a chance to heal and get used to its post holiday weight. Next week should hold some more riding, and with it some more enthusiasm about planning next year's season.

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